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Hi, I'm Britt!  

Britt graduated as one of the top students in her course from a Masters of Architecture in 2016. She sees architecture and design-thinking as a critical tool for positive social change and strives to use these skills in her advocacy pursuits. She has particular interest in advocating for improvement in the areas of emergency response architecture, safe queer spaces and community housing. 

Britt is also one of the inaugural recipients of Australian Institute of Architects' Philip Bisset Research Scholarship where she will be further exploring these topics across continental Europe with the aim of producing an ongoing print publication. 

Most recently, Britt and her collaborator, Caitlin McDonnell were awarded third prize in the NKA Foundation's 5th Earth Architectural Competition with their design proposal for a Workshop and Classroom in Senegal. They will be travelling to Senegal in 2019 to work with local villagers to construct the two buildings and teach locals new vocations skills. 

Britt works at James Davidson Architect and has been a key contributor to a number of projects in the office, including designing their own self-published book, "Water Futures: Integrated water and floor management strategies for enhancing liveability in South East Queensland". 

In addition to her Architectural practice, in 2014 she co-founded Dark Matter Studio as a way of gaining experience in the implementation and construction phases of design. She has designed and constructed large-scale Architectural installations and provided graphics for various cultural events including - Jungle Love Festival, CONTROL Zine, the University of Queensland, and 1 Degree // 2 Degrees at Brisbane Powerhouse.

I'm always excited to hear about new projects, so feel free to get in touch!